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Link to
: Second Step Curriculum for Virtual Learning.
This provides learning opportunities for social emotional learning.  

This Website links to mental health resources from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention 

A great source for parents to know what is right for kids- review movies and t.v. shows, video games and apps, books, social media and general information for children living in a digital world.

Here is a great article about Fortnite-

Mindset Moment:

Every day, things happen that make us smile, make us feel good or even make us laugh.  By stopping to think for a few moments about something that makes us happy, and either writing it down or saying it loud, that’s called showing gratitude. 

What’s gratitude?  Gratitude means showing thanks, being thankful and showing your appreciation for something. We’re going to practice exactly that today.

Stop for a minute and think about today.  What’s one thing about your day that made you happy (or will make you happy)?

Here’s why I’m happy:  I’m happy___________________(give your own example).

Now think for a few minutes about what has made or is making you happy today.  Don’t say it out loud yet! Hold on to your thoughts and stand up. Find someone in the room and walk over to them and share with them what makes you happy, then ask them what makes them happy

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