Counselor Connections

Link to
: Second Step Curriculum for Virtual Learning.
This provides learning opportunities for social emotional learning.  

Here are some activities for you to do this month.  Know I will be doing them too.

A great source for parents to know what is right for kids- review movies and t.v. shows, video games and apps, books, social media and general information for children living in a digital world.

Here is a great article about Fortnite-

Mindset Moment

Mindset: The Time is Now
Learning Objective: Embrace Every Moment


Our world is more dependent on technology to bring us together than ever.
However, we need to make sure it isn’t blocking us from the most important aspects of our lives. Try the Time is Now Challenge! Over the weekend, try putting your phone away for 24 hours and spend time doing the things you love. Focus on family, the outdoors, or being creative. You may be pleasantly surprised at what you discover about yourself and your passions during this time


"Embrace the amazing potential magic of today’s small everyday moments."
- Zina Harrington


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