Low Cost Internet

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Low Cost Internet is available for families- Please click to see the PDF form for more information.
Low cost internet

Common Sense Media

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Common Sense Media Digital Literacy and Citizenship is a great resource for students and parents which gives information about today's technology, including video games,apps, movies, websites and more.Please visit

School Uniforms

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Belmont Elementary School does not require students to wear uniforms, however we do have a dress code that we expect our students to follow. More information can be found in the Parent/Student Handbook located in the side links. Belmont T-Shirts can be purchased in the Belmont office or the Spirit Store. 

Immunization Information

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Student safety and health are important for all children  Belmont works hard to ensure our students are in compliance with the laws regarding immunizations. For more information about Colorado Laws regarding Immunizations for Children please click on the link found in the Parent Resources Section.
healthy kids learn better

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